Indiana Commercial Driver’s License Lawyer

Commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) are the lifeblood of truck drivers. Without them, truckers can’t work. Unfortunately, Indiana CDL laws have gotten tougher. It has become easier to lose your CDL, and it has become increasingly difficult to make a traffic violation of DUI/OWI go away.

If your CDL is at risk, the lawyers at the Law Offices of Moseley & Martinez, LLC can help. We have represented many, many truckers and other professional drivers throughout northwest Indiana. We know what it takes to protect a CDL, and we fight hard to get the best possible results for our clients.

Commercial driver’s license requirements are stricter than for any other Indiana driver’s license and are based upon stringent federal motor carrier safety regulations. Under the law, there are many ways that you can lose your CDL, including:

  • Operating a commercial motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance such as an illegal drug
  • Refusing a drug or alcohol test
  • Causing an accident through negligent or reckless driving of a commercial motor vehicle
  • Leaving the scene of a commercial motor vehicle accident
  • Driving on a suspended CDL

We can represent you if you have been accused of DUI/OWI in any of the situations listed above or in other situations that put your CDL at risk. Lawyers at our Indiana law firm use in-depth knowledge and a practical approach to save licenses.

Save Your License. Contact Our Team Of CDL Protection Lawyers.

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