Indiana Child Support Attorney

Child SupportIn our state, courts order child support according to the Indiana Child Support Guidelines. The guidelines calculate the amount of support to be paid or received. It’s not as straightforward as it may seem. The guidelines take many things into account. If they are not used properly, parents can end up paying too much or receiving too little.

At the Law Offices of Moseley & Martinez, LLC we represent parents throughout northwest Indiana in child support matters, often related to divorce or paternity proceedings. As experienced child support lawyers, we know that establishment, modification and enforcement of support are serious matters.

Nonpayment Of Child Support — Enforcement And Modification Of Support

A child support order follows a person from state to state and from job to job. If support is not paid, it can mean serious trouble. Parents may face the loss of their driver’s licenses for nonpayment. Courts have even gotten more aggressive with putting parents in jail.

If you are unable to pay ordered child support, it is critical to modify the support order before you fall behind on payments. The lawyers at our firm can help. Each case is different. We can help parents modify support. We can also represent parents seeking to enforce support.

Call A Lawyer — Child Support Enforcement & Modification

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