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We understand – BAD things can happen to NOBLE people. 

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At the Law Offices of Moseley & Martinez, LLC, we offer assertive and direct legal representation that gets results for our clients in Highland and throughout Northern Indiana.

Lawyers at our firm set out to provide you with the best possible plan of action for your legal needs.  At the Law Offices Moseley & Martinez, LLC we value all of our clients.  We listen to what you have to say because you are important!  When you call or visit us, our staff takes the time to listen intently to every single detail of your individual case.  We will then collaborate collectively with you to determine the best course of action to take for your situation.  We believe in saving you time and money!  Each person is deserving of the utmost respect and compassion.  You are entitled to outstanding legal representation.  We continually strive to the best for the residents of Highland, IN.

Every person comes to us with a unique situation.  Job & income loss, marital strife, and past debt are some of the legal issues we can help you with.  Perhaps an old credit card or medical bill has presented and has left you with no choice but to deal with it.  Some of our clients will qualify for a complete release of debt through a Chapter 7, while other clients will find out that a Chapter 13 payment plan is the best option.

The reason for your financial situation is not important – solving it is.  We do not want you to be fearful one second longer at the thought of losing your home or vehicle.  We can be a source of hope and strength for you during this arduous time.

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We understand that sometimes life can be demanding, and that bad things can happen to anybody. We serve clients in Northern Indiana and the surrounding towns, areas, and counties. We offer a high level of personal service, attorneys at our law firm are accessible and available by phone or email. After-hours and weekend appointments are available.