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BAD things happen to GOOD people – We understand. 

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The Law Offices of Moseley & Martinez, LLC, offer aggressive legal representation that is straightforward and gets the demonstrable results our clients in Michigan City and surrounding Northern Indiana are looking for.

Our solid legal team believes in making things easy to understand and clear for our clients. In speaking with our legal team, you will see us take the time to listen and make sure we understand all of the details of your specific situation to develop your individual case. Our attorneys then work with you to come up with a solid legal action plan. Our firm does what it takes to get the best results possible for our clients. We believe hard work helps you to get results quickly without having to spend a lot of money. We don’t waste our client’s time to build legal costs. We truly understand that sometimes bad things can happen, and we are not here to judge you about your circumstances. Ultimately, we are your legal advocate and we want what is best for you during a difficult time in your life. You deserve respect and quality legal representation, and we will give you both.

Every client has their own specific and unique situation. If you are facing a divorce, or a family law issue, or experiencing a credit card or medical bill debt from a past financial problem, we can help you. Some may qualify for a Chapter 7 debt discharge, and others a Chapter 13 payment plan. It is all about what is best for your situation.

We are not concerned about what caused your financial situation. We only want to find a solution. After working with us, you will be relieved of the stress you have felt caused by debt collection.

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Life can be rough, so let us help you. The clients we serve in Northern Indiana and the surrounding areas, counties, and towns know that we offer a high level of customer and professional service. We are here for you around the clock. Our attorneys are available and accessible by email or by phone. Our firm also offers appointments after-hours and weekends.