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We understand that BAD things happen to GOOD people. 

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The Law Offices of Moseley & Martinez, LLC, present an aggressive, straightforward legal team that gets the job done for our clients in Mishawaka and all around Northern Indiana.

Our lawyers make up a solid team with experience that believes in clarity and understanding between our attorneys and our clients. When you have a conversation with us, we listen to your needs and understand the details of your individual case. Then we use the specifics of your situation to come up with a solid plan.  The lawyers at our firm create a legal action plan to get you the results you desire. We work diligently to help you get the results of cases quickly and in a cost-effective manner. This also means we help clients avoid wasted time and additional legal costs. We understand, beyond most people, that bad things sometimes happen to good people. Our place is not to judge you, but to advocate for you and make sure you are getting the quality legal representation and respect you are entitled to.

All of our clients come to us with their own unique set of situations. Our clients are facing divorces, having family issues that require legal attention, struggling with wrongful terminations, experiencing harassment from debt collectors due to credit card or medical bill debt from past financial responsibilities, and much more. We are a law firm that finds solutions. Whether you have to file for a Chapter 7 debt discharge, or a Chapter 13 payment plan, we will help to find the best answer to your situation.

It doesn’t matter what caused your situation. We believe you should be relieved from the stress caused by repossessions of your car, harassment from creditors, or home foreclosures by banks.

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We have all experienced the harshness of life, and have seen bad things happen to wonderful people. The clients we service in Northern Indiana and the surrounding areas and counties are good people. That is why we offer a high level of professional and customer service. Our law firm is accessible by phone or by email, and is available on weekends and after hours for appointments.